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Flowhive piping able to drain all frames at once


After using my flow hive for the first time thought I’d try and quicken p the harvest. Only because I have 3 of them. It does take a bit of time for a frame to run out.
This thing will allow me to do other stuff.

The clear tubing is extremely expensive and once in the sunlight, it hardens up becoming brittle.

This is 1” poly pipe and fittings with doesn’t restrict flow like the smaller 19mm. The 1” fits over the standard flow hive pipes too.
The centre to centre size is the most important, and is about 51mm .
I cut off all the tails to allow the piping to go on easily. I may put a tap and filter on eventually as well as clips if it leaks.
Some may not agree with poly pipe but many houses have it and it’s OK
The fittings cost me about $12



Now all you need is a great big bucket!!


Here is a snippet from another post with what I consider some decent prices on tubing.

I got some very nice tubing, food grade and it fits perfectly from:

The item description was 1 In ID x 1-1/4 In OD Kuri-Tec® KLEARON™ 73 Series K010 Clear Non-Toxic Food & Beverage PVC Tubing for Beer, Wine, Water, Air (1/8 In Wall), SKU# 3049360

The price was excellent and shipping cost was reasonable. It was cheaper and nicer quality than Home Depot.


In the USA you have a much better selection and cheaper to boot.
19mm clear here is over $7 p/m .
I can’t even find the 1" tubing let alone the fittings.
I m actually considering putting another “T” on the L/H side.
I already have the big bucket.