Hose and frame cables

I’ve seen photos of the clear plastic tubing used to go on the end of the flow hive pipes but can’t seem to find any 1". Even on Ebay. Anybody know where to get some from? It seems the largest size is 19mm. AM looking for something that’ll fit on the outside of the pipes.

Also the stainless steel cable wiring that holds the frames together just popped of one of mine as I was doing some work to it. The wires in general seem rather loose. Will they stretch?
I’ve taken some off and gave them an extra rotation

Try the search (magnifying glass at top) there has been lots of talk about what/where/how :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to one of the threads:


My local Home Depot didn’t have anything close, but we have an amazing locally owned hardware store in town that never fails me. Less than a buck a foot. I really don’t know why I ever go anywhere else when I start a project. HD is closer, but then the extra time I spend looking for things they don’t have is far more time than I would spend just driving to McGuckins!


Got it, Thanks.
Here in Oz its much harder to find

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…and if you order anything from OS you have to pay massive postage/shipping…unless it’s from China & I try really hard not to do that.

Sadly most things in the australian shops are from China, except at a seriously inflated price.
Why is it bad then to purchase the identical item at a huge discount direct from China.
I can buy a hive tool here (made in china) or get the identical item direct delivered to my door at a quarter of the cost.

Now if was made in Australia, that’d be a different story

That’s true. The quality is often not very good. I spent a long time trying to source Australian made bee gear. And when I couldn’t ended up making my own, including smoker & jacket (although I purchased the hood), hive tool I adapted from some tool from a vintage car my dad had. I did end up ordering a hat & veil for my mum (her choice), online from China, that was 2 months ago & it hasn’t arrived…
I have thought that ‘one day’ it would be great to set up something here to manufacture bee supplies, how viable???

There was a guy in Western Australia that was selling bee supplies online. I bought all my boxes of him but sadly after a year closed shop.

Most of his stuff came from NZ.

A bit closer…& perhaps better quality? One of my reasons for not wanting to purchase from China, is their appalling record regarding environmental impacts, human rights (have you seen the factories?), and quality issues. Mass production of anything on the scale generally produced in their factories require sacrifices of many things.

Have just managed to get the standard 19mm poly pipe into the plastic honey flow pipe.
Looks like a cheap standard way to go.

I could actually hook up a series of them to allow to draw from all 7 frames at once .