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Frame wiring Jig


Anyone have plans for an easy to make Frame wiring Jig?


There are some videos on Youtube. The best thing I noticed was to squish the end frame pieces in a bit so that the wires will tighten when end frames are released.


Thank you. Yes trying to locate a suitable little clamp to do the squishing.


I don’t have a jig, but use one of these to push the sides in while wiring up.


Makes good sense. And the plus is its useful for a heap of other things.

Thanks for your contribution


I have photos of my basic one here, made from a single frame cut into pieces.


Not difficult to go from this to full wiring board with wheels for wire etc.

Brood frame wire

Brilliant. Lovely photos, great descriptions.


Great, Thank you. Nice and easy to make


Just put a quick (for the reader!) tutorial together for waxing Flow frames

Don’t have time tonight to start a new thread so thought i’d add it here in the meantime :smiley:


that’s a great little micro tutorial- I have had a medium sized active colony with a flow super on for the last six weeks- and whilst a lot of bees hang out in the flow frames -to date -no visible wax at all- so I am going to follow your tutorial tomorrow and wax the frames. On my mums hive the bees readily took to the frames without any encouragement this season and last- so it thought I wouldn’t bother doing anything with mine- but after peeking in the window for six weeks it’s time to give them a gentle nudge. I feel sure mine we react as yours did they better- or ooh- I’ll be mad. Their is jacaranda flowering all around just now and a host of other large trees that seem on the verge of a large flowering. I need my bees to get onto it all! Now is no time for slouching. Next time I will do this when i first put the frames in. I am not going to sue sugar water as I don’t want to encourage pesky ants.


Checked again tonight which is about 48 hours after placing the waxed frames back in the hive. The bees are still sealing the Flow cells even though all the introduced wax has been removed from the face of the frames.


Great video here of an Aussie bloke who does a great job of preparing frames, with a part that shows how he wires frames.