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Frames and UK Langstroth Foundation compatibility

Am a new season Beekeeper and am about to put a super on the Flohive broodbox and found my wooden flohive frames do not fit the standard size for the UK langstroth foundation - what to do and can you get foundation in the uk to fit??

Thanks Patricia

@Dee is a UK bee keeper and this “@Dee” will draw her attention to your question. In Australia I think there is 4 different depth for langstroth hives but two are more popular (Full Depth and Ideal) so I am figuring you have been sold the wrong size foundation but Dee will finger your problem with local knowledge and accurate information.
Might be worthwhile having your frame and foundation measurements ready.

You will find a good bunch of people on the forum and a wealth of advise and help, welcome to the forum.

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Thank you very much - will get the tape measure at the ready!