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Frames won’t close

I haven’t been able to close the Flow Frames since I got them last spring. I set them aside and didn’t give them a second thought as I didn’t need them.

Now I have bees bearding one the front of the brood, bottom super.

Any solutions, tips, hints would be greatly appreciated.

The bearding could be because they’re hot, or they’re overcrowded and preparing to swarm.

Have you checked for swarm cells etc?

Brood box size? Any photos?

Hi @asha

Please also feel free to email info@honeyflow.com if you need any help from customer support :slight_smile:

What do you mean you can not close them? Can you take the key acces cap off at the top of the frame? Do you put the key in the top slot and are able to trun it?

If you can do that but there are still some gaps that is normal as the bees fill those gaps with wax. It may help them out if you grate, mush or paint on some wax.

It may help solve your problem if you can provide some photos.

There is an FAQ on the flow site that shows how to reset the frames https://support.honeyflow.com/how-to-reset-a-flow-frame/

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Are you saying that none of the frame close up by inserting the key and closing the frame by turning it 90 degrees in the top slot of the frame?
If that is the case why have you left it a year to ask for advice?
If all the frames are faulty, which is rather unlikely, then @Freebee2 will help sort it out for you but please keep us updated on what the issue was and the fix so that the rest of us are aware of what has happened, Many have posted about the wire tension of the frames being not tight enough and causing an issue.

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How did you go resolving this @asha?