Friday 7 pm on 7 Better Homes and Gardens 26th July

It might be more orientated to Flow Hive bee keepers but I’s sure it will be interesting and worth tuning in to watch this Friday evening for a segment with Johanna Griggs on bee keeping on Better Homes and Gardens. That is East Coast programs time so check your TV program,ok. :smiley:


Thats should be interesting, Johanna is a member of our club here in Sydney.


That should make it more informative, there is nothing worse than a presenter who obviously doesn’t know what they are talking about.
Lets hope this coming season is better than the last for all the bee keepers right across Australia. My Summer wet season was so dry that flowers didn’t produce any nectar and wilted in a couple of days after opening.
There was an interesting segment on ch2 last week on the Bowral, Mittagong and Goulburn areas where the beekeepers are feeding instead of harvesting. My brother near Mittagong has been feeding his hive for a year and says that weeds won’t even grow… :thinking:

I was having tea when the segment came on. Anyone have a link so I can watch it?

I guess the segment will be on the Channel 7 WWW site if you want to watch it. I did, and thought it a good 5 minute advertisement for Flow Hive. I thought being a gardening show it might have gone more into the benefits of having bees in our gardens and farms.

Hope the link works


Thanks the link Dave, it works fine.
A big welcome to the forum where you will find heaps of advice and reading as well as get to know of other beekeepers up your way.
If you have any questions this is the place to find the answer among the friendly members.

Hi. Thanks for that. Follow the forum closely and the knowledge base is amazing. Only have one flow hive at the moment, filled with a nuc last September. All seems to be going ok. Just waiting for spring to arrive here in Adelaide and hope we don’t have another hot summer like the last.

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You must be doing it right to have the nuc survive last Summer in Salisbury, it is hot and dry Summers there normally where even weeds struggle to grow. Last Summer must have really testing for the bees.
It is by far the best honey bee forum that I have come across with the bonus of so many Aussies here that there is a lot in the same boat with similar climates and seasons.
I’m already doing splits and found a few active queen cells so with the recent rain, mild weather and good flowering in the bush here it looks good and my bees are powering on and happy.

Hi Peter. Yes, the summer was a quite brutal. Bees have shade from mid afternoon, made sure water was available and they seemed ok. Towards end of summer the numbers seemed to explode so much that there was a large number of bees on the outside of the hive overnight. Put another box on top above a QX (metal) and they all moved inside and the frames in that box are all full of honey. Haven’t opened anything for about six weeks due to the winter but they seem to be doing all the right things.

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