From San Diego area

Hi, I am in the San Diego area. I just caught my first swarm, I was looking at keeping bees late last year.
My nutrionist keeps harping about the benefits of raw honey and some relatives are bee keepers.
When flow came along I pulled the trigger. With my first swarm caught (and more swarm traps out there), things are starting to look more serious…


I live in La Mesa, and have a couple of Top Bar hives with feral bees.
I am considering getting Flow frames and adapting a Lang box to hold them and then mating them to the Top Bar Hive.
Do you have a Flow Hive? If so I’d love to see it.

I live in Point Loma, and I have an empty Flow hive. Nucleus is coming in a week or two. :smile:

I am in the Poway area but have not yet received my flow hive.

I’ll be volunteering at the Earth Day SD Bee booth in the afternoon. Would be cool to have a Flow Hive to see there.

Is that next weekend?

yes, EarthFair 2016
Sunday, April 17, 2016
Balboa Park • 10am - 5pm

Hmm, well it seems that I have a fractured metatarsal in my left foot, and walking around Balboa Park is not an option yet. Sorry about that! Hope to make something work at some point.


Hi Dawn,
How’s your foot?
Did your flow hive arrive yet?
I enjoyed SD Earth Fair.

Thanks for asking! Slowly improving, unless I can’t rest it. Unfortunately we are having a lot of construction done on our home at the moment, so resting and elevating it is almost impossible. :worried:

My Flow super arrived last week, and I am delighted with the quality of the wood and the cuts/joints. The frames actually came on the same day. Hopefully we get our bees into the hive next weekend, unless the rain delays delivery again… :wink: