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Full 6-Frame Harvest in Dallas, Texas! Very Dark Honey?

I successfully harvested 6-full Flow Hive frames on Saturday, Sep 30, 2017. The bees were amazingly calm and after about 1 1/2 hours, I had over 50 pounds of beautiful dark Texas honey! I am interested in your thoughts on why my honey is SO dark - I am an urban beekeeper and my house (and neighborhood) is full of pecan trees. Wondering if that has something to do with it. The taste is very earthy and some say a little like molasses.

Check out my video!


Looks good, your honey is very dark! Looks like the tea tree honey I used to buy in Brisbane, Australia.

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Might be pecan honeydew honey, but it is supposed to be pretty rare. Here is an article about varietal honey in Texas. The founder of Walker Honey did a great presentation on varietal honey at the Texas Beekeepers Association meeting and has produced some pecan honeydew honey. Paragraph 4 in the article:


I seem to recall another Texan flow-hiver who also had super dark honey. All my honey is light to medium amber- never seen such dark honey here. Apparently- I read once- that darker honey generally contains more health giving benefits… not sure if it’s true- but you can pretend it is.

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Hi Jack, I was told that same thing. At the time it was in relation to the dark honey you get from a hive, in particular, the honey around the brood that hasn’t been robbed for a few years.

Hi! I’m in Fort Worth. The color and taste of the honey depends on the pollen. It sounds like your bees found buckwheat, especially from the flavor! I planted a ton of basil and got a really light honey.

You could be right! Looking at the pecan leaves (which are fallling like a blizzard btw) - I see some of the “aphid goo” I have read about. Honey tastes great and unlike any I have tried before.

I am in Houston and my honey got darker as the year went on. My spring honey was quite light and flowery tasting. Fall honey harvest two weeks ago and quite dark. Not as dark as yours though.


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