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Slow and steady harvest success - Dallas, TX, USA


Installed my flow frames on April 12, 2017 in Dallas, TX. Just checked this pst weekend and feel like I’m 60% of the way there. Outside frames are last to cap. Killed about a dozen SHB. Bees very calm. NOTE - I have a north facing entrance. Really looking forward to harvesting!


Our outside frames still haven’t capped either. We are in San Diego, CA but we put our Flow super on the hive about the same time as you. Harvested 4 frames just over a week ago, with 2.5 to 3 gallons of honey. The hive is still gaining weight according to our Arnia hive scale, so we will see what is happening in the Flow super this coming weekend. :wink:

Here is the evidence. About 700 grams (1.5lb) in the last day, and today is hot and sunny, so maybe more yet.

Wishing all of us a great season! :smile:


what gear are you using to record the wights ? I like the idea of monitoring it, but some seam very pricey.


I am using an Arnia hive monitor. You are right, it is pricey, but it is totally worth it to us. I can tell when I need to think about harvesting. I can tell when the nectar flow is over. I can even tell when the hive weight is dropping enough that I need to feed.

I love it. Our honey is priced to help defray the cost. :smile:


Thanks for the feedback! I harvested the middle frame today for 2 full beautiful quarts. Had my whole family over for a BBQ and it was great to listen to their questions and interest. Made homemade ice cream with a honey drizzle. I expect to harvest all frames within two weeks and then see what happens before fall.


During the last week or so, my Flow Frames have become nearly 100% filled and capped. This morning I took a look through the observation window and they are busy capping the final cells - easily the most activity I have observed so far in the Flow Hive. Last harvest of two middle frames was on July 22nd. I am planning to harvest all frames within the next two weeks, assuming I can inspect a good supply of honey in the super below the flow hive. I still haven’t decided if I will leave the Flow Hive on or take it off for winter.

QUESTION - How about taking the Flow Hive off and replacing with a medium super (with no queen excluder)? Not sure if they will have enough time to build out comb and supply with honey in time for winter. Hmmm.


I would probably take it off, because I hate dealing with propolis, which bees apply liberally in fall and early winter.

Even with your mild climate, I wouldn’t add a super unless your local beekeepers do that. Almost everywhere has a nectar dearth at some point in the year. Just leave them with what they have, and feed if you have to, but with 2 brood boxes, they should be fine. :blush: