Full Inspection Video at Week 15

This is a bit of a snooze-fest (my music is super-sleep inducing) but I pull and inspect all of my Flow Frames as well as the upper brood chamber.
The new, home grown queen is doing a great job. If you’re patient, you’ll spot her and also learn just how elusive they can be. She did all she could to not be on camera.


Nice video-work again, Bobby!

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@CampingLaChassagne Thank you :slight_smile:

@Bobby_Thanepohn thank you again for sharing,:grin:

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Nice queen at 6:55 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Next point - couldn’t quite tell because of camera artifact, but do you think the cells at the far end (non-drain end) of the second flow frame that you pulled may not be completely closed? They looked all white and fuzzy - not like the others, and the patch that looked that way was all vertically-aligned. None of the other frames showed the same thing. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to fix it before the bees get too far with waxing and filling it.

TY, I saw that when I inspected and realigned things