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G’day from The Garden Rooftop Sydney

Hey everyone,

We are fairly new to beekeeping, however Phil’s mum has a couple of Flow Hives in Perth that we’ve helped with once or twice.

I’ve been reading a few of the forums, so hope not to ask the same questions!

Our Flow Hive is located in Edgecliff, Sydney Australia within our rooftop garden. The photo below was taken prior to adding the super. We already harvested one frame a couple of weeks ago.

We also featured on Gardening Australia last year (our proudest moment). Did anyone get a chance to see it?

Google Gardening Australia Trainspotting if you’re interested!

We set up an Instagram account TheGardenRooftop to follow our gardening and beekeeping journey.

We have also signed up with our local bee club and went to our first meeting last week. Look forward to many more!

Very excited about learning and sharing our experiences.

Great to meet you all.

Ian and Phil


Looks beautiful. The forum is a great place to ask questions and learn about bees. They will really crank up production of your garden too. All the best from Nashville Tennessee USA.


I see your fairly new to bee keeping — only one hive :smiley: :smiley:
Like everything addictive one is never enough, and bee keeping is VERY addictive. Enjoy the journey.
The program was interesting and I’m sure got more people thinking about having a hive.

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Hi Guys,
I remember that episode well and whilst you didn’t mention much about the beekeeping side of things, I could see your hive in the background. Great segment by the way. My wife was lucky enough to assist Costa to perform an interview during pollinator week last year on Channel Nine. We have a small hive that travels around with us to markets which gets to make the odd appearance on TV, he is a bit of a character with a lot of energy.


New member here as well … and also a prospective roof gardener when we move into our new apartment. We live in Hobart. Our flow hive is in it’s second year. I have built a Warre hive for my second.


Yes that’s right! They said we had a lot going on up there so they just wanted to focus on the native plants. Costa is such a great guy. We had a blast filming with him and the Gardening Australia team.


Hi guys, your garden is fabulous! I made a note of the Grevillea Deua Flame that you have - still looking for it! Enjoy your beekeeping! It’s a fabulous learning experience and the forum is here to help if you need it.