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G'day from Melbourne


Hi everyone I am Damian and I have been interested in urban and backyard gardening for a while now.
I am looking at starting up one small hive in my garden, hopefully this spring!
At the moment I am just trying to get as much info as possible!


you will have some fun. I started with one hive last Oct, I have well and truly “caught the bug” and will have 3 this season. My first was a Flow, got 35kgs of honey for the season ( I live 3k’s from Adelaide CBD),. I have a backyard garden and two dogs, nether dog has been stung, neighbours are ok ( I bribed them with honey) bee hive is within 2 metres of a well used garden path and the only person who has been stung is me but more through my ignorance than the bees being aggressive. go for it