Hello from Broadford, Victoria

Hi all I am a newbie beekeeper from country Victoria. I have one hive and another coming in Oct! I love these amazing creatures and I am super excited to learn more and more. Unfortunately I can’t attend any bee groups as here in Victoria we are in lockdown! :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:
I have already posted for some advice and you guys are amazing with the quick responses full of advice without making me feel stupid, for that I am so grateful.
Looking forward to reading your questions and seeing the responses! Thank you for allowing me and my girls to be part of your bee community!!!


Check out the ‘Backyard Beekeeping Australia’ group on Facebook there are many active & experienced beekeepers on there.

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Thanks stevo
I would but I am not on Facebook at the moment. Just looking forward to being able to go to a bee group! Once we are out of lockdown!
Thanks again!

No question you have asked is stupid so you switched on enough to ask for advice. There are many folks here who are happy to help. After 48 years of bee keeping I’m still learning about the bees, they are so interesting and always thinking about ways to make them more comfortable and productive.