Getting close to first harvest in Louisiana!

I finally started to sees some honey appear on the collection tube side of my Flowhive, so I decided to take a look inside. I am very close to harvesting a couple of frames. This is my first bee hive, so I am very excited!



Very excited for you. Looking close to harvest time!

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Super cool to see this!
My girls have been waiting DAYS to cap their nectar. You must be quite stoked!

I harvested one frame this past weekend, and it went perfectly! A 1/2 gallon growler was the perfect recepticle. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’m looking forward to collecting the remaining frames later this month.


Love the growler.
Solves intrusion problems, yes?

From what type of outfit did you get the tubing? Beer making?

Thank you.

Must be from a Moonshine equipment supplier!!! :smile:

I purchased the growler from Amazon and the tubing came from Lowes. Clear pvc hose rated for drinking water; 1" ID/ 1.5" OD. I had to cut a short slit on the end on the hose in order to insert it into the growler.

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Hi where in LA are you, have you had continued success? Im in Shreveport and jsut got started with two hives, looking to add my supers on next spring.