Got a hive for my birthday

Hey, all I am in Adelaide southern suburbs and have a flow 2 given to me by my mum for my pre december birthday.luv ya mum! I am loving the hive so far
On a side note I also I do inspections with mum with her 2 hives she has one which was bought from the original kickstarter funding run 8 years ago (Flow hive Hybrid). But only in Oct. 22 had been built and then she purchased a swarm. To now she has a second flow hive 2 (6 frame) split from the OH and I have a second split, which technically was a swarm the size of a AFL football, from that hive as she had a swarm after her split.
I really can recomend the FB page for flow hives there are numerous for each state they are a great source of info and also a fantastic supporting community. I am looking forward to seeing the same kind of support and community here. I have learnt a lot of my beekeeping from theBushbeeMan from youtube as he is also a South Aussie and thought that the similar climate and ideals would suit. though we are open and willing to learn as much as we can.

Not to mention Ceasar and his family/companies social media posts on all the platforms are a fantastic wealth of knowledge.

*OH = Original Hive

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Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

I think that we are a slightly different blend of people here from the Facebook groups, but both have their roles. The advantage of the Forum is that it is searchable and archived, so there are thousands of questions and answers available to review, without waiting for somebody to see your post and reply. :wink:

We are also a big international mixture, and although bees behave much the same all over the world, it can be helpful to get perspectives on how international beekeepers manage things. For example, with the recent discovery of Varroa destructor in Australia, many beekeepers on this Forum already have experience to share from Europe and the US. It can perhaps help to be prepared and have advance knowledge of good management practices. :blush:

Please ask any questions that you think you would like help with, although your mum is probably a great resource for you already. Just remember that if you ask 3 beekeepers the same question, you will get 4 or 5 different answers… :rofl: