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Got my Bees ordered


I have my package of bees ordered; 3# of cordovan Italians. They’ll be here in April, I am ready to get going. My girls ask me about our bees every week, so I know they are excited too. This hurry up and wait is killing me lol.


Me to, I am dying here waiting on getting started, having my yard toward up right now so I can plan a lot of wildflowers specifically for bees went and bought several trees today that are good for bees as well. Yesterday I caught a water basin lava rocks and ordered a fountain pump so I can get a good water source for my bees. Totally excited to hear cannot wait.


One of the wonderful lessons we learn from bees is to get in tune with the seasons and be patient.


How many did your order? One location I trust to buy from sells them by hundreds…but I don’t know how many I need to start? Should I start low and let the populate as they adapt?


I bought a 3# pack with a queen. 3# of bees is approx 8000 bees.


Looking at my order of my NUC it says "A 3-pound package contains approximately 10,000 bees.


I’ve read anywhere from 8-10,000 bees so I usually tend to estimate on the low side. But you’re right.