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Great customer service from Beethinking


Just wanted to give a shout out to BeeThinking for great service. I ordered a complete Flow hive kit and 8 medium supers. It all arrived and I spent the day assembling everything. I did have some difficulty fitting the dove tail corners together, but made it happen. I had a small crack in my Flow hive lid panel and the flow access panel. Both problems were fixed with a little glue. So, good quality wood, but just a few problems with assembly.
I sent BeeThinking a polite note with constructive feedback so they could improve their milling process.
I had a response within hours and was even given a discount on my order due to my problems. Excellent customer service!


I am gonna be one of those guys everyone hates. It happens when I get bored.

Technically, those are box joints (a.k.a. finger joints). :fearful:


yes that is correct. Thanks for the clarification!


Yes it seems to be a bee keeping thing. No matter what country, suppliers of hives with box joints always refer to them as dovetails.
Seems to be etched into the psyche now. :confused:


I second this! I ordered an extra super and the top edge was splitting and ragged at a couple points. When I reported it they responded immediately. They’re sending me a new box and a return shipping label for the damaged box. So uncomplicated.


They are totally consistent about this too. I had an inner cover smashed in shipping, and a wood panel with what looked like woodworm in a different shipment. Both times they willingly and rapidly sent replacements and return shipping labels.