Very Happy and Fast Delivery

I ordered my Flow Hive on the 28th Feb this year. UK My order was supposed to be shipped in April. I have already received my Hive from Portland Oregon it was received on the 31st of March. That to me is excellent delivery and service.

All parts were present and correct the Hive went together easily and quickly within a few hours I had a few breaks in between. I only used a bit of fine sandpaper here and there to make sure all went together easily

The hive looks great and hardly any knots in it. Today I will be coating with Tung oil.
Just waiting for my Flow Frames now. Not really in a hurry for those as the UK season has not kicked off yet with the weather and I will need to get my brood box well filled before adding the Flow Frame Super.
Thanks Flow guys I was concerned about having to wait a long time but that is fantastic service.


Nice to see someone who dosen’t want to put their flow super over an undeveloped package. Build 'em up, then use your flow super.


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Hi Pilot,
Good to hear you got great normal delivery n quality product. I’ve gotten an order from Beethinking out of Oregon here in the State fast too. I believe things are settling out with only few hitches.

Here’s mine ! It has some knots but I like them. I’ve made sure they are stable by adding a bit of fast acting C.A glue. I use the special glue on knotts on woods I turn in my wood lathe. It really holds the spinning woods together but give the wood some nice character. . I used four costs of Tung Oil to protect n keep the fresh cut look here in Puget Sound where we get a lot of long winter rains n drizzle east of Seaatle.

Enjoy that Flow-Hive. I am going to order my 10 frame special Flow-Super this coming Fall or Winter so I can use it when I need it for season 2017. Good luck n happy beekeeping bro !

Gerald in Washington State.

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Nice work there Gerald I will have to take a pic of mine.
I see you have made an entrance reducer; That will be my next job.
It will probably be next year before I get to take some honey.

Well, I ordered mine in January AND I am in Northwest Florida with the spring foraging at peak now and I Do Not Have any of of my two that I ordered and no idea when I will get them other than “April” sometime. It would have been nice for a little priority to have been made to orders from areas that could actually benefit from getting their hives set up earlier.

I’m not so happy!

True ! Up here in Washington state I’m going to run double deep 10 frames so probably no need for honey supers this season. Our harvest isn’t long like in the southern states so I will just be glad if my three colonies dawn out all those frames n add 70 to 80 lbs of honey for their winter stores.

Why not set up a standard lang. When your flow hive arrives your bees will hopefully be ready for the super.

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