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Great video for newbies


In my obsessive online research over the last few months, I’ve seen A LOT of YouTube videos and read a tonne. While none of it has been as valuable as the feedback on this forum or from beekeeping veterans in person… This video has been one of my most valued information sources.

For any other newbies, set aside some time and check this out. It’s a long one.


There is another video that’s really worth watching time & time again. The City of Bees
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0Jra4aUbrA&t=198s In that video at the 8.20 point you’ll see a bee flying. If you look at the mouth part, you’ll see the bee dewatering the nectar while on her return trip, starting the process of turning the nectar into honey right from the word go. That makes good sense, economy wise.

That kind of contradicts this speaker because he claims that the dewatering commences after the bee returns with the load of nectar.

He also contradicts my findings on growing sweet corn. I get large cobs from large plants & small cobs from small plants.


Am interesting video Robert, a lot of information that is valuable and as much that is out of our control but worth looking at.
Thanks for the link