Year of beekeeping episode 1 on Youtube

I found this year of beekeeping very useful.

There are about 52 episodes - I found it usefull


This looks like very useful information for new beekeepers. Thanks for posting this! I’m definitely going to watch them all.

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Watched episode 1. Looks like a nice.seris. Thanks

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Nice video!!

I can’t imagine working on a hive like that without a full bee-suit!!! :open_mouth:


Can I also suggest another great video series by Keith Delaplane “A Year in the Life of an Apiary”, its about 20 years old and still relevant today minus the antibiotics and shake method of emptying bees into hives.


Yes Valli I watched the Cody’s Lab you tube vids, he seem a nice guy. I too found them really useful!!!

But don’t trust him he slagged off the flow hive :wink:

@roBErt it was looking at a year through a hives life I was interested in - as a Newbee any information is good - then you start to mentally sift through the useful bits and keep them and even mistakes prompt questions - there are always learning possibilities.

His honest view of the flow hive is called “slagged off” & that makes him untrustworthy?