New beekeeping video series is being released by Flow :)

The introductory episode to our new beginner beekeeping series has just come out with a little introduction from Cedar and Louise.

You can watch it and subscribe to our Youtube channel for more videos coming soon -


G’day! Great video. As always

WOW WOW!! Already I can tell by just watching this one video, this is going to be one great series. There were many naysayers and probably still are out there concerning the flow-in general, that made comment that the flow hive team was making beekeeping look to simple and needed to do nothing but keep bee’s and harvest the honey. If you listen to the flow team and read between all the lines you could tell they were passionate about what they were doing and wanted to do the right thing regardless of what it took. It is very evident with the money that they’ve raised and the team they have put together, it’s more about the right thing, and being good for the world then their intention at all. I am finding it to be an honor to be part of this group and watching it grow. This group as a whole may actually help save the bees and bring to light a lot of other issues concerning bees, beekeeping and our environment.

Thank you very much for all that you’re doing please keep up the great work, I likely did not need to say that for evident that you care and my heart goes out to everything that you’re doing.

If there’s anything outside of just being a part of the group you would like me or others to do let us know I’m sure we would love to help.


Thanks - I think they designed it like that so that people would subscribe to the youtube channel - and then they’re always up to date with any videos we release.

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Very nice video, Faroe. I want more!!! :smile:

To me, this just shows how caring and responsible the Flow creators are. They have a great product, which has pulled in a lot of new beekeepers. Now they are stepping up to the plate and doing a “How To” series, to make sure that people have the best possible chance of taking good care of their bees and succeeding with the hive.

Excellent work.


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PS It might be good to find a place on the main web site to post an idea and links to the videos, so that new buyers know what they are getting into! :wink:

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Yes I agree. The team is just focusing on getting those orders out to customers that are waiting - then we’ll start adding more to the website. (we don’t want it to crash in the meantime).

Any new beekeepers I refer here to do their research - so I think it’s a good spot for the vid’s until the website has more.
And of course if they subscribe to the Youtube channel of Flow they will get the updates automatically :slight_smile: