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San Diego Intro to Beekeeping class


Hey new bees! I know many of you are getting started with your new hives soon. I thought some of you might be interested in my Intro to Beekeeping class, which I offer monthly, but will be happening this Sunday March 13 at 10:30AM in San Diego, CA. The class is a 3 hour lecture designed for total beginners, but I have had even intermediate beeks say they learned a lot. It will be 100% relevant to Flow Hive beekeepers. Yo u can read more and sign up online via my website if you are interested. http://girlnextdoorhoney.com/product/intro-to-beekeeping-class/


Hello! Been reading your blog for some time.
You do good stuff :blush:


Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile: I forgot to say for non-locals I am also doing an online version of this class on March 16 at 4PM PT.