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Greetings from Boulder, CO


New beekeep, here!

I’ve had a long interest in keeping bees, but our prior home in South Boulder was visited frequently by bears…I didn’t think that my boy or my dogs would appreciate my adding an attractant for the big brown visitors!

Now we have a fairly large lot just east of town, and will be starting 2 flow hives this year.

Scheduled to pick up our packages this weekend, and will install on Saturday or Sunday…despite the crazy forecast for inches of rain…or up to 20" of snow! Wish me luck!



Be sure to put the hives behind an electric fence…


I would have had to go electric if we still lived near the foothills. Bears don’t come this far east of town, so I should be good. Now raccoons, coyotes, foxes…that’s another concern, but I’ve put the hives on two layers of concrete blocks, which will help.


I thought I had some time before bears became a problem when I started this spring, and I was hit 8 days in. I’m still trying to get one colony queenright 5 weeks later.

Admittedly I am right next to bear country, but in the previous 5 years at our property we never once had bear trouble with the garbage or compost.