Greetings from New Zealand

Just joined the group. I am about to receive my flow hive. Bees ordered and hours of online tuition completed. I have joined the local bee keeping club to further my local education. We are well into spring in North Canterbury so plenty of good feed about for the bees. Looking forward to the journey.


Welcome! You’ll find alot of welcoming folk here; sometimes with advice to share too! Don’t ever hesitate to ask a question or search the forum for advice. And the good thing is everyone has different experience in a range of conditions and climates so you’re unlikely to be the first to experience something.

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Yes keep asking
Keep learning
Walk before you run
You seem to have started well enough.
Good luck


Welcome aboard beekeeping n the Flow-Forum here. Ive just returning to beekeeping after 55 years away. I’m having learn a lot of new stuff. Beekeeping has changed a lot !! I live near Seattle so we are Winterizing already after n good season n fast learning curve !

Enjoy bro !


Hello Gerald
Thank you for the kind welcome. I enjoyed your photo as it looks like you house your bees in your backyard. I am doing the same. I would appreciate a few more photos of you set up as it looks like you have quite a few hives.

Regards rod

Hey Rod. I’m also a new beek, based in kaiks. Got swarm a few weeks back and a nuc from a local honey business happily being busy in my back garden. Waiting for the girls to settle in before I set up a super with a flow hive on it. Where are you based ? Maybe we can compare newbie notes…

Great to hear from your Lebinda,
I live in Rangiora but commute to Wellington for work. I have been started off by a gift swarm from a friend in Welly who is on the swarm catchers list. I am at the same stage as you. Love to compare notes. The local bee club has a newby session once a month that I will have a look at. I have found all the videos on this site and Flow YouTube channel a great form of education.

Gidday Rod, Long time no see. Crikey you can never be sure who you are going to bump into in this place. Good luck with the bees. Catch up later.

Thanks Christian,
I will reply to your Linked In tonight and would love to catch up.


Hi Rod and welcome. We also have an NZ flow group on facebook. Flowhive NZ. I’m just down the road in ChCh!

Thanks for that Sting. Love to touch base once I am a bit more established and have some war stories to share.

Hey guys, I’m keen to come and join up with a few things and see what you all doing with your hives. Might be a while tho… My hives didn’t move on Sunday night but I’ve been out and picked up a few on farms where the owners can’t get to them. 7.8 quake has not been kind to the hives out on the hills but all the bee company workers got together and went out in force on a chopper and got as many upright as they could, no matter who’s they were. So Rod I’ll drop you a line when we get access to the outside world and its safe to travel. Greetings from Kaikoura NZ

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Yah ! I was wondering how the local n area beekeeping was dealing with after quake pickup n cleanup … I just look at mine n think what kind of mess I’d be dealing with. We’re starting our winter now but during the Spring n Summer flows hive bodies can get stacked up pretty high.

Praying all is well for everyone n their hive down there.

Good luck n hope things stop shaking,
Gerald :pray::honeybee:

Hi Belinda,

Hope everything is OK and you are figuring out a future up there. I lost my hive in the CHCH quakes (along with the house), but am all settled back in now and have eight hives…

Good luck, and great to hear all the beeks getting together to stand all the hives back upright! Paul

Thanks guys, checked in my hives earlier this week, got a heap of healthy looking brood and girls are getting ready for a busy summer. Looks like the shake didn’t bother them at all!