New Zealand Flow Keepers

OK - So I’ve ordered my Flow hive, and my beekeeper’s suit. And one day it will all arrive and be installed among the trees and flowers of my Waiheke back garden. But then comes the tricky bit… getting bees.

If you’re in NZ, and new to the whole bee thing, then let’s chat. I’ve been talking about keeping bees for years, but always afraid of not knowing where to begin, supers, and hive tools and all of that. But as soon as I saw the Flow hive, I knew that the excuses were over.

I guess my next move would be to contact local beekeepers and start talking to them about swarms, but as a complete newby (new bee?) I’m afraid of sounding stoopid, so I’d be keen to start the conversation here.

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We are working on setting up a directory of bee clubs. Hopefully we will have the click-able maps up and running over the next few weeks. If you find a local club let them know about the directory, if they are interested in growing their club. Hopefully this forum and our members directory as it evolves will help people connect and form new clubs too

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Hi Rando,
We are moving to Wellington in January next year from Australia and we will be taking our newly delivered Flow hive with us. Like you the Flow hive simply meant it was time to commit to beekeeping. I will be researching local bee clubs and bee keepers carefully to avoid clashes with anti-Flow types.
I have a strong interest in organic and treatment-free methods. I imagine those sorts of bee keepers are going to be even tougher to find.
Good luck with your new hobby.

Hi mate, we’re in exactly the same position as you. Used to live on Waiheke now in the Warkworth area. The first steps (after the flow hive order) was to buy the book ‘Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand’ (recommended by a longtime friend beekeeper in the city) and starting reading it … Looking forward staying in touch.

Hey Guys, a bee club in your area is essential. The New Zealand native Tutu bush is toxic to humans but does not appear to affect the bees. If honey is made by the bees who obtain the nectar from an insect exuding honeydew whilst feeding on the Tutu bush there is a serious health issue as there are recorded deaths from toxic honey. You should be able to harvest prior to the bush flowering (if it is in your region). Typically Mid Jan to April, so the honey harvest is recommended to be performed before Dec 31 each year.

Every group will have it’s assortment of ‘types’. From the hiveboundbeeks to the carefreebeeks :wink:

Don’t hold off joining your group because some of them can’t see beyond the way they have always done things. There is more to managing bees that is the same, no matter what frames or hive designs you use, than is different. You will really benefit from the generous help you will find offered freely at the Bee Clubs.

I am just not chatting much about the flow frame right now. I figure once I have it i hand and can speak from personal experience will be soon enough ; -)


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Hi guys, I don’t have a flow hive but following with interest, and hoping there is someone in the Auckland area that would allow me to visit to have a look at one.

Also, for your information, there is a local NZ bee chat site you may want to subscribe to, it has a lot of members with some very knowledgeable people even commercial beekeepers who can be quite friendly and chatty, any question or problem at all you may have, there will be someone there with the answer, here’s the link

Currently Beekeeping in Wanaka, Central Otago with 10 yrs under my belt, 5yrs in :uk: and 5yrs in :new_zealand:. FlowHive on order. Are there any other FlowHives around this area.

Hi Beekiwi, Im interested to see how you go over there we have been over helping out DOC in the Wanaka Roar and the Haast Roar whilst we were out on hunting blocks we had groups of bees get drunk on our oats !! will see if i can find a pic for you as they are very different to our bees here in Melbourne :slight_smile:
kind regards wishing you luck

Mark Kate and Kids

Hi Mark,
thx for the msg. I’m sure the Roar was amazing! It would be great to see the pictures if you can find them. I’ve never heard of drunk bees before. The :honeybee: here are very different to those in the UK as well. They are much smaller here, but the honey still tastes good.:+1:

Hi Beekiwi ,
Sorry mate cant find the pics i took of bees got everything elce but ! i must not have saved them bugger it was hilarious had to dig them out of our oats and put them on a rock they were stumbling every where !!

Enjoy Wanaka its a very beautiful part of the world :slight_smile:

looking good here will be doing our third harvest since Oct 10 this year bees are flying .

Kind regards
Mark Kate and Kids

WOW toxic honey. Is this a NZ native? There are plenty of toxic plants out there and their flowers are not necessarily toxic. Wow.

So you’re on an island off the main North Island. I am planning a trip over to the southern part of your world and would like to visit beeks. How is your hive experience so far?