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Greetings from Northern California


Hi all, I’m a new guy in Woodland, CA. Been fascinated by bees for years and was thinking of starting to keep them this year, but then heard about the Flow Hive campaign and ordered two hives for 2016. Yes, I’m one of those people who will expect honey the first week (and take ALL of it), and will never take care of the bees, and will generally bring about the ruin of civilization. You’ve heard about us, right? :smile:

Along with watching lots of videos, I took a day-long intro class down at UC Davis, and offered to lend them some Flow frames to evaluate. They were delighted and I think everybody will benefit from solid and unbiased evaluation.

Looking forward to the bees and the hives and getting to know some locals.



Hi Mike,

I am up in San Francisco and Davis is a great resource, isn’t it? Maybe we will bump into each other at some event ; -)



Hi Sara,

Thanks for the greeting. I was born in SF and lived there until I finished college (Berkeley). One of my favorite beekeeping intro videos is this one from SF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EakhZivX52o



I’m just getting started here in the SF Bay Area (Hayward). Love to hear what Davis has to say about the Flow Hive.


Didacus Ramos