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Hello from the Redlands

Hello all

I have just joined and just about to get into my first hive. I am very keen to get into this great thing with bees. I have 3 kids i also want to get hives for so we can learn and grow together with the bees. I am very interested in bees and i can only think its also a great thing for the environment so i am all for that. I can’t believe what a great invention the flow hive is and cant wait to get my first. Such a fantastic idea. thanks for the warm welcome i am sure i will receive.

Thank you all


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G’day, Brent. Welcome to Beekeeping and welcome to the forum. I’ve found Flowhives brilliant for getting kids involved in harvesting and learning about bees. Hopefully you’ll soon become obsessed with Beekeeping and learn everything you can to bee the best beekeeper you can. It’s a thoroughly satisfying hobby. I hope you have an understanding wife, she might not see so much you. Get her involved too. It could save some of “those” talks. Jokes aside, there’s a wealth of knowledge and wisdom available here, so ask questions… ask loads of questions.


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Hi Brent, Welcome to bee keeping but be careful – it is very addictive. You will at times feel out of your depth and realize that you need help. That is where your local bee group or this forum can be helpful.
Don’t hesitate to ask, even if just to confirm what you are seeing. You will never stop learning or enjoying the hobby.