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Hailing from Indonesia!


Hi everyone,

My name is Ade, I first got interested in beekeeping because I love honey, who doesn’t right? Which has now been part of my daily diet. Another reason is because one of the smartest person ever lived once said that mankind will be at risk when the bees are extinct, in which honeybees are listed as endangered species. Don’t think I can be smarter than that guy, so I’ll just listen to him and try to make this world a better place.

Looking forward to learn from all the experienced hobbyist or professionals here!



Welcome @Ade You sound like you already have bees . In the tropics you will have problems and advantages different to those of us in temperate climates.
Anyway we are all friends here, so ask away any question and feel free to chip in and give your advice or opinion on other questions.


Hii, good afternoon!

Well I’m so happy to see many Indonesian beekeepers or future beekeepers arrive in this forum, hopeful we can share our experience together!

Happy beekeeping :smiley:


Chao Ade,

As the others so far have said, Welcome Aboard ! Awesome to see your desire to keep our :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:’s alive worldwide. Each of us is trying to do their part. Have a super experience from Gerald over here near Seattle, USA.

Keep those bees of your happy n busy. What a golden or amber reward bro :+1::exclamation:

Gerald (waiting for Spring


Welcome to the world of beekeeping. Wonderful, isn’t it, the way it makes us think about and consider the world around us.

By the way Einstein didn’t say that, even though he is often quoted. :wink:


I even hear that Hitler said that too!
Next time, when we meet Einstein or even Hitler, let’s ask about that quoted