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Hello from Northern NSW Australia

Hey Bee People,

I have been hovering for the past couple of weeks and thought I’d better introduce myself. I think I’ve been dragging my heels because my introduction to beekeeping is a bit sad for me to talk about!

I have loved bees since I was a kid and helped with my first harvest at about 9 years old unsuited - I felt that if I was super gentle the bees wouldn’t sting me and they didn’t. We used to visit ‘the honey man’ on a regular basis and it was always one of my favourite outings.

I started working for Flow a few years ago and have been dabbling and learning… catching swarms, helping with inspections, harvesting a bit of honey, and reading A LOT.

I got my first hive set up last year but sadly lost my colony to AFB. The good news is that I had read a lot, got an app on my phone for pest identification, and by coincidence we had also had a rep from DPI visit to discuss what to look out for - so I was able to identify it ‘super’ fast (before the stink kicked in). The bad news is that by law (and for the protection of other bees in the area) I had to euthanase my colony. I cried while I did it and felt like the worst person ever.

I have recently moved and had a baby, but will be getting a hive set up again as soon as I have settled in properly - my love of bees has not been diminished by the experience and I have learnt a lot and gained confidence in my knowledge and intuition about what is happening in the hive.

I should also let you know that the lovely Faroe is foraging further afield these days (I will miss her - as I’m sure many of you will) - so I will be hovering about in the background here if you need anything.

I have been enjoying reading some of the threads on this forum and look forward to getting to know you all a little through your posts and continuing to learn about bees as you share your knowledge.

Warm regards,
Freebee (coincidentally my nickname since forever)


P.S. I do wear a suit these days!

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Welcome to the forum and filling in the gaps about yourself. I’m 100 klm’s north of Brisbane and in a sub-tropical climate with mainly bush land. My Winter lasts about 6 weeks and with a 3 layer ventilated suit on it is bearable but for 6 months a suit is simply too hot and dehydration is an issue.
But all said and done my hives produce excess honey all year round normally and it is a great place to keep bees.
Cheers, Peter

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Hi Free, I agree with Peter in welcoming you & thanks for filling in the gaps. We have been missing Faroe also. I hope she’s foraging on good pasture.

I’m also a hundred k’s north of Brisbane, however I’m more of a sook. I reckon we get 12 weeks of winter. Sometimes the bees think it’s spring, even though I’m still using my wood heater during July/August.

At first I thought you was a bloke. The baby was a dead giveaway :slight_smile:

Good luck with everything & hope your next attempt at the bees is successful.


That mean you are taking over Faroe’s job with Flow.? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I will miss the lovely Faroe as well

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@Freebee2 Be careful of Busso, he chats up all the girls on the forum, even the ‘famous 4’ in the US.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: But come to think of it we are all guilty of that.:smiley:

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Thanks Peter.

We have a short winter here too - so I wear my suit loose to let the air circulate. The mild weather sure is good for honey production though!

Haha thanks for the tip!

Hi Busso,

I have a slightly different role to Faroe but will be the first point of contact with Flow via the forum (of course people can always email etc. as well).

I won’t get very involved mostly as it’s more interesting to hear from everyone else - you all have an amazing range of experiences of beekeeping in different locations - and a wealth of knowledge and experience between you all… but I might step in if the conversation goes off track a bit, or occasionally chase up some information where there is a hole in the collective understanding on a particular issue. That sort of thing :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your well wishes Jeff! No I’m definitely not a bloke… :wink:


@Peter48 Who are the famous 4?

There are 4 girls in the US ranging from very experienced to a few years of experience - in bee keeping. :grin: They love to tease providing we are far enough away for them. One at a time is ok, even flattering but Lordy, when they combine forces. But if I name them chances are I will get dropped of the tease list. :wink::wink:

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We don’t want that! Thanks for enlightening me :wink:

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From last mid November till mid march should have been our ‘wet season’ which didn’t happen so with record maximum temps thrown in the tress in the bush flowered but there was no nectar in them. But I am happy here with normal conditions I have no let-up in honey flow over Winter, it is a great time of the year and gives me time to make up new gear for the early Spring splits.
Cheers, Peter

That’s great. We need someone who can put questions or problems direct to Flow from time to time.

Never. :wink:
Having said that I do love a good chat. :blush:


Hello, I am newbie and just looking around and got this to open with you all. Well, I am Chris and looking to explore more over here.


Welcome Chris!
It’s good to have you here :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m sure you’ll learn much from the forum community (and probably share your own tips and experiences too, over time).