Happy Father's Day!

My wife got me a Mini-Bee Hive with McGinty separation. When the box is full and strong, I’ll move the queen and stores to the top and slip in the separation and let the remaining hive make queens :slight_smile:


Your wife is turning you into a Boutique Beekeeper!!! :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiling_imp: :heart_eyes:


I know! At least this time she went with a basic flat lid :slight_smile:


Fine piece of woodworking you have there… :grinning:

Would you please send me a link to where she got these, I like a lot would be cool to see if we can get the flow frames in one. regardless like it a lot and would like to get one or two

Here you go @Martydallas:


How pretty …

Just when I thought I’d seen every kind of bee box!

does that one use the little mini frames? And does it have three entrances?

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In this configuration, yes., three entrances. And it uses mini frames.

Added the finish :slight_smile:


did you enter flow frames in the hive?

These hives do not accept Flow frames.

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Happy Father’s Day, my eldest so presented me with this beautiful work of art from a work mate. My son thought of me & got it for me for Father’s Day. The head swivels.

The bloke must have studied photos of bees, because he got the legs right with the way she stands. Plus the compound eyes.
I assume she’s standing on a blob of honey.


And the latched wings! Very observant and very creative. :blush:

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Yes I agree Dawn, I also noticed that. Most of it is old bearings & bearing parts. Every creation is a one off.

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