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Tasmanian Beekeepers (Australia)


I’m just setting up my Flow hive and would love to meet locals who have their own set-ups. I’m in the Huon Valley on 22 acres.


hello rinden here in Derby, NE Tassy. i have one flow hive in use and one more waiting for some more bees to start the second full flow hive. My first harvest last season was 14kg from four flow frames
The frames arrived late February so i only had them in place for the last part of the season and was really impressed as to how easy it was to harvest.
I had no real difficulty in the assembly of my flow hives and i do remove my flow frames for the winter months. Unfortunately I have an acute allergy to bee stings so i am immensely grateful that the flow hive disturbs the bees so little during harvesting so allows me to continue with my new hobby. I do have a mentor for full hive inspections etc however and i also keep the Epi Pens close handy but i wont give up. I just love my new bee hives


Hi guys,

We’re considering buying a FlowHive for my in-laws who are in North Hobart. They’ve been complaining that there are very few bees around the garden this summer (it’s early days tho &the weather has been pretty changeable)

I’m surprised there aren’t more FlowHivers in Tassie. Have you come across anyone in Hobart by any chance? Are there any other beekeeping groups around? From a quick look at the FlowHive site, I haven’t found any suggestions/recommendations on the best place to situate a FlowHive … any suggestions?


Hi RedGypsyLauren,

I’m in Hobart and am keen to get a flowHive. How have you found them? Any chance I can buy you a cuppa down in the Huon & ask you about how you’ve found it.

Regards Fiona