Have they sent me the wrong panel?


Flow sent me a replacement brood box panel as the first one was split (circled in red)

The new one came today and doesn’t fit so now i have no idea what they’ve sent (new panel is not circled)

At the point where I’d be happy for them to just take it all back now.

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

The vast majority of members of the forum are beekeepers, not Flow employees. Most of us wouldn’t feel qualified to answer a technical question about Flow hive parts. However, you can email them with photos at info@honeyflow.com and they should be able to help you out. @Freebee2 and her colleagues should be able to address your concerns if you contact them at that address. :wink:

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My thoughts are that you could fill the split with external pva glue just before assembling the box. After that the panel will stay together on account of the corner joints screwed together. You might find another use for the replacement panel.

I recently started using pva glue on my bee frames, & I’m finding that it sticks VERY well to clean wood.

Thanks for the advice.
Will wood glue do the same job?

I was thinking to do that at first but wasn’t sure if it could split more and affect the brood box later on in winter.

Hi Phil, you’re welcome. You might find that wood glue is the same thing or similar. Just make sure that the product is recommended for external use. I know that when this pva glue that I’m using drips & dries on an adjacent frame, a piece the size of a match head is difficult to remove, which makes me realize how strong it is at holding the joints together.

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Thanks @Dawn_SD for tagging me :slight_smile:
@Phil_Campbell it definitely sounds like you need some further product support, I’m so sorry you’ve had this further product issue. Please email info@honeyflow.com so we can make sure you have what you need.

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