Heather Honey in Warm Climate

Hello all, I have recently decided to take up bee keeping as my main retirement hobby. I will be retiring in the Knysna area of South Africa. I was drawn to the hobby by the amazing Flow honey harvesting system and am currently in the intensive research stage. One of the things that has become clear is that the Flow system does not work well (if at all) for thixotropic honey. The issue is that where I will be living, the natural vegetation (called fynbos) includes something like 650 variants of heather. Heather = thixotropic honey I believe. My question is as follows: is thixotropic honey unequivocally thixotropic, regardless of temperature? The summers in Knysna are very pleasant with average temperatures in the mid 20s C. I would hate to invest in the more expensive Flow system if the key advantage (ease of harvesting) is simply not there.

All advice gratefully received.

Hi Stefan, I get thixotropic honey at the same time every year, during the summertime. It wont spin out of the combs while extracting the traditional way. I think that good advice would be to join a local bee club & find out what locals near you experience with thixotropic honey.