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A new bee enthusiast in Geraldton


Hi Folks

Is there anybody out there in or close to Gero with a flow hive who would like to share their knowledge?



Hi Mike…do they have to be close to Geraldton?

What questions do you have? People here are from all over the world and friendly. And those in the northern hemisphere have already been through a spring and summer with the flow hive.

Also, there is a “Connect with locals” category. Your topic might be better there since you are looking for a local.


Hi Snowflake

I was hoping to get to talk to a local familiar with our conditions but i’m happy for any help!

A bee ‘traditionalist’ i was talking to was quite frank in criticising the FLOW! He stated that the honey wasn’t always runny in the hives and thus blocked the system, that the wax plugs couldn’t be removed by the bees and thus the frames became unusable. In general he said to keep away from the system!

I was a bit taken aback as my initial impressions were positive, I like the non intrusive nature of the system and the way
i can include the kids in a safe manner!

I’d love your thoughts and responses! I also imagine that the system may be a little threatening to the traditional apiarists?!?!?!

Mike the Novice but seeking …


That would only be true if you have Manuka, Jellybush or European Heather plants in your area. Thixotropic honey is hard to extract, but it is hard to extract from normal frames too. The other honey which can cause problems is any honey which crystallizes quickly. The classic example of that is Rapeseed or Canola honey. Even then, if you drain the frames within 2 weeks of the flow starting, you should be fine. So I dispute his opinion, and plenty of experience on this forum counters it too.

Not so at all. The bees are VERY good at removing the wax cappings after the honey has been harvested. Lots of people have posted photos of that on this forum.

It is human nature to resist new things. Unfortunately your experience with that attitude has been suffered by many others. The main thing to convey when you are talking to traditional beekeepers is that you want to learn how to keep bees in a Langstroth hive. The Flow part is just a different way of harvesting. Everything else is exactly the same as long-established beekeeping.

Take the leap, you will see for yourself! :smile:


Hi Mike
I’m up the road in Kalbarri, and I’m new to beekeeping…neither of which is a big help for you, but I guess we’ll be dealing with the same issues with wind and heat before long. Welcome to the forum.:relaxed:


Hi Mike, I’m living in Geraldton and I have 2 FlowHives. One had a colony installed only 3 weeks ago, and I’m still trying to source bees for the second hive. I’m on a steep learning curve myself, but would really like to be in touch with a fellow local FlowHiver. Cheers!


Hi Deb
Would love to catch up and ‘see’ how it works. I’ve got a ‘bottom box’ and
am looking for the top… The flow hive. :+1::blush:
I’m in Drummonds Cove



Hi Mike,
Great. I’m in Beresford. Home ph 99644 744.


Hi Deb

I’m not working tomorrow and am in Spalding in the morning. I’ll give you a
Cheers and thanks



Some consider me in “South Geraldton”…at least those living closer to the Perth CBD do…but you folk might be interested in my post a moment ago in the general Perth group: honey in the flow frames - AT LAST!

Two weeks ago there was nothing, but now [The link is to another thread on the forum]


Greta news for you Alan!
I cant wait to get the top for my hive and get into it!



Hi Mike,
Sorry, at work today (Tuesday) until 4pm.
Home on Wednesday, and most of Thursday if that works for you?
Cheers, Deb


Hi Deb
I’ve been called to work also!
Thursday works for me too.
I’ll give you a ring!


Sorry Mike! Work is getting in the way again… I’ve lost Thursday to some annual 'learning’:flushed:, so now tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon is my only hope, or of course the weekend.
We will just keep trying!
Cheers, Deb


Hi again Deb!
I’ll see if i can get to you tomorrow afternoon. If I can get free I’ll
ring in advance.
No stress. the weekend could work too!


Snowflake are you keeping the bottom board plastic insert closed, open, half open to regulate temp. I’m in Glenfield and notice new installed nuc around 2pm flying in front of hive enterance. I assumed to warm as they were possible booted out so I opened plastic insert outwards by 2 inches and with 3 mins all went back in. Got plenty water available for them. My son was watching them with binoculars and alerted me of the situation. Its on the bottom slot but its still getting cool in evenings so unsure of in or out or none at all .


Hi mike my names is john I’m in Glenfield opposite 440 roadhouse . Got 2 flows one with a wild hive and second with bought nuc from BW. Happy to chat new to beekeeping as well


Hi deb also in your area happy to chat. I’m Glenfield near 440


I’ve got the bottom board on the higher insert. I will keep it there until constant double digits temp of a night. I’ve had no issues with hive temp or humidity (I monitor it). I’ve also got plenty of water sources scattered around.

When I get on my computer I’ll write up how I’ve got my hive set up.


How new was the installed Nuc? Perhaps you saw their orientation flights?