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Hello All! New here hope every one is well

Hi my name is Alan i just joined this forum i am new to beekeeping and i just got my first hive (FH2)
and just installed my first NUC. This is so much fun and the bees are amazing little girls. I live n the Houston TX area. If there is anyone else in this area i would love to share experiences with you all.
I have attached a few pictures of my set up! I think it looks pretty awesome and worked hard to get it this way. Please let me know what you all think! God Bless


Nice set up you have.

Thank you sir! Have a great day.

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Top marks for your stand it’s a great upcyckle :ok_hand:


Only in Texas would you see a beehive on wagon wheels :cowboy_hat_face: - awesome!!


Thank you! We love it…

Thank you! It was fun to build.