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Hello From Boondall, Qld

I probaly should have done this a few months ago, but as usual I do things backwards, I got my first NUK in February and then made a mistake by buying a fake Flow Hive and the Bees didn’t like it and so I bought a proper Flow hive and placed it on the Brood Box last week and no coating of anything and they have over half filled it already.
The Bees know the difference lol.
I have had Native Stingless for a couple decades now and have quite a lot of them, the Honey Bee is a little more work and bite a lot more than my little Stingless :).
I did get all the kit but the Half suit is so much easier to put on by myself and the Bees seem to know it’s onlt a half suit and go for my Backside or legs :(.
This is a great forum and I have gotten a lot of good advice from it by reading mistakes others have made, just a pity I didn’t read the how to tell a fake from a real Flow hive before I bought one :).
Will be ordering a second Flow Hive as my Birthday/Xmas present soon :slight_smile: Will also buy a better quality full suit as the more expensive suits are better set up and easier to put on by ones self, I am only 64 but don’t seem to be as limber as I used to be for some reason ? Cheers


Welcome, Gardum.

You might get better results with light coloured pants as bees tend to go for darker colours thinking it’s a predator. Same with socks, especially woolly socks. The bees don’t know they’re in Australia and think there are bears stalking the back yard, so anything brown/black and furry can be a target.

One time I had a bee sit on my leg as I was sitting behind the hive while extracting flow frames. It looked peaceful enough, but she was steadily working her stinger through my jeans and stung me.


They were dark pants, I normally wear shorts but not when I work on my Bees.
I lost my original Queen whilst I was baby sitting my Daughters House and Children while her and her Husband were on a weeks holiday.
I should have checked the hive before I left but hind sight doesn’t do me much good.
My original Queen was very peacefull and the Bees never attacked even when I lifted the lid to check the SMB trap, now they attack as soon as I lift the lid with out doing anything else and straight for the face.
I have ordered a new tested Queen and once I receive it I am hoping she will calm the hive down or at least once her young become the majority.
I do have a full suit and if I wear it then I am safe, I just can’t get out of it by myself, I can put it on but not take it off with out some one helping me :slight_smile:.
I didn’t need the suit with my original queen, nor did I need gloves.
I also now get stung if I cut the grass around the hive and my Lawnmower is electric and barely makes any noise. Cheers

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Hopefully the new queen will calm the hive. Unfortunately, unless the breeding of a queen has some sort of control over the drones she mates with, she might mate with a drone carrying aggressive genes.

I understand getting out of the suit. When I’m out on the motorbike and have to put on wet weather gear I have a lot of trouble getting the pants off unless there is somebody else to peel them off for me.

In hot weather I sometimes wear a light fishing shirt from BCF. The fabric is tightly woven to comply with sunscreen regs but is cooler to wear than a bee suit. Perhaps some similar pants might be suitable for your climate up there.


The Queen I am buying is a pre tested and marked Queen from NSW, they make sure she is mated with a hard working drone and no lazy ones allowed near her :wink:
They also test to make sure she lays well and her brood is good.
This does make the process a lot longer than just buyng a Virgin Queen but until I am a lot more advanced with my Honey Bees I am happy to pay the extra.
I am also going to make sure that before I go away for a week or two, to check the hive first and remove any Queen cells and also make sure I put a Super or another Brood box on so there is plenty of room.
I have a half suit already and it was great for the previous Queen and I didn’t need to wear it, this new Queen doesn’t like Men as much so I need a full suit as the Bees find any spot not covered well :slight_smile:
I am going to splurge on a good quality full suit that has a few more zippers rather then just the one down the front, the helmet on the good suits also have a zipper to remove it so the whole top just peels away and I only have to get my legs out :slight_smile:.
My wet weather gear when I rode a bike back 48 years ago was just my Jeans and T-Shirt but wet from the rain ;), of course I did have my leather jacket but normally it was unzipped.
Nothing worse than riding 60K+ in the rain if you forgot your visor lol

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