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Hello from Borneo! Hexagon size


May use this flow frames for Apis cerana ( local Borneo bee) ?



I think the general consensus when this was discussed in the past is that they are too small an wouldn’t work well with them.


Thank you @adagna. I understand this flow only for mellifera right. But, the company maybe can make for cerana size for aisan market.


I couldn’t predict the reaction of Apis cerana, but I’ve seen Apis mellifera storing honey in even larger cells than this. Cerana tend to keep smaller colonies and live in smaller boxes, but one could use five frame boxes and three or four (not sure what fits in a five frame box) of the flow frames and see what they do.


Hi! @Tomsabahan from what I learn here in Indonesia, when Apis cerana draw comb, they only used once for their brood, after that they used them (brood comb) as honeycomb. This is why Apis cerana abscond more than Apis mellifera, they always draw comb, if there is no space they just abscond. If this information is true, this will be the main problem for using Flow for apis cerana. But I think it will be wise to try that, also don’t forget to tell us here what will happen next? :slight_smile: