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Sonoma County flow hive beekeepers?

Hi There,
Looking to connect for advice. New to this and the local beekeepers all want me to ditch the flow hive and totally convert my set up to traditional. Anyone close by? 8 deep frames almost full and about to add a medium super or flow super.

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Hi there, and welcome to the Flow forum!

Unfortunately that is a pretty typical response, with its roots in several places:

  1. People hate change and the flow hive is change
  2. Flow’s original advertising was a bit irresponsible and over-promising for much of the world (sorry @Freebee2, but I think this is true). Local beekeepers abreacted against how easy beekeeping was in Flow’s eyes. The company has matured a lot since then and changed the message, but you are left with the legacy of that.

Fortunately, there are some ways around it. I am not close, about 500 miles south, but I do understand your climate and challenges. I have a few suggestions:

  1. Tell your local beekeepers that they are right. You are switching to an 8-frame Langstroth setup. That is what a Flow hive has for a brood box anyway. Then ask their advice again, and never show them the Flow super and don’t mention it ever again. Come here to ask us Flow super questions. :wink:
  2. In your climate, you probably need a second brood box to overwinter the colony. It is too late to add the Flow super. A medium would be fine, do it now, but take off the queen excluder, they are going to need the medium for food over winter. :blush:

Good questions, and so glad you found us. Let us know if you want to ask more.


Thanks so much! So appreciated! I do needed this forum!

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Adding the med super this week. :blush::honeybee:

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Went into hive. Added two empty frames 11 days ago replacing follower boards. They are completely full of comb and honey today!!! Actually one of them also had brood. The other honey. I had honey in there on other frames as well. I need to move quickly and get another med super going ASAP! Holy cow that hive is bustling!