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Hello from Cedar Key Florida


Finally retired after thirty two years with the state. Growing up my dad had over one hundred hives that we rented out to farmers for their crops.I have not had any hives for years and wanted to get back in to it. A lot of people do not realize how important bees are to the environment and food sources, plus I’ve loved honey bees since I was a small kid.


Welcome to the Flow forum. We have a few Florida beekeepers here, but it sounds like you have quite a lot of experience already. Just ask if there is anything specific that you think we can help with. :blush:


It’s like the mafia! Just when you think you’re out; you get sucked right back in again! Nice to meet you I’m Martha from just south of Nashville Tennessee. I’m a novice bee keeper.



I can totally identify with you ! Up here in Washington Spring n the cycle of the seasons is in full gear. One our warmer days my colonies are out n about n my desire to work with my girls intensifies !!

This will be my third season back at Beekeeping. It had been 55 years since I swang bee boxes n worked the bees. I started back in the 1950’s n 60’s … then it was off the Vietnam ! My dad somehow lost all my colonies while I was gone so until 2016 never did anything with Honeybees.

Welcome aboard n good luck, :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you for your service to both the Bees and out Military! :smiley:


Welcome @Bugman - how wonderful you’re returning to beekeeping after a good long career. I’m a novice too & I look forward to your contributions to the forum. Pictures of bee life on Cedar Key would be great to see too!

@Gerald_Nickel you might send this forum into meltdown with those pics :heart_eyes:


Thanks everyone for the replies, once I learn how to post pictures (I’ll have to get my 19 year old son to show me). But getting started now days is pretty expensive and I will have to save up in order to do it.


In the window you use to type messages, there is a banner of icons across the top. The 7th from the left is a bar with an arrow pointing up above it. If you click on that, it will let you find the photo you want to upload. Once you tell it to upload, be patient. If you have a slower connection (like a phone or satellite), it might take a while and if you don’t wait, all we see is “uploading…” in your message, not the photo. :smile: