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Old vs new beekeeping

Hi @Dawn_SD ,

It encouraging seeing newbees n oldbees exchanging thots, experiences, ideas, do’s n don’t’ on here. Sad I missed out on several months due the Login/password problems.

I’m glad new beekeeper are finding good info here … when I started back in 1957 I only had one old Govt publication n a crappy hand-out that came with out Sear-Robuck hive n equipment. We ordered from the old farm catalogue back then. Found this pix of my first hive today. I thought I’d totally lost it.

The next Spring 1958 my dad had copied n reproduced several more complete hive bodies with frames. Wish I had a pix or two of dad n I together working my FFA school honeybee project but it was way before I-phones n digital cameras. The old B/W film era of photograph. I still have great memories …

Well, enough about the distant past … The internet, this n other forums, You-tube n bee clubs have given the Dudes Dudettes a much clearer path …

Cheers n all that stuff,


Thankz Faroe ! It’s been awhile since I navigated on here. Please wait for my screwup n correct :blush:! I’ve got a post on Eva’s section that should have not gone private or whatever I did. Can’t figure how to move or dupe on the main pages. I’ll figure it out again soon I hope. Pushing 72 yrs in a few more days n my brain is busy doing housework, jobs n Beekeeping.

Thankz n Cheers my friend,


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You’re welcome :slight_smile: Just fixed your other post too :wink:

You need to go to the main page https://forum.honeyflow.com/, or section of the forum you want to post in, and then select “New topic” in the top right of the screen.
e.g. https://forum.honeyflow.com/c/general-bee-chat

And we have our tag@ function where you can put the tag aka this: @ next to anyone you want to mention in the post. e.g. @Gerald_Nickel - you’re tagged :wink:
Hopefully, that helps, we have the instructions somewhere…



Really nice to see you back, Jerry. The forum has been devoid of selfies and multiple photos in your absence - I really missed you and your cheery messages.




Me too Jerry, I have been missing your great pictures and cheerful chats . Keep healthy and happy and well away from that roof.