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Hi, From Dallas Texas, USA


I am an Architect, I specialize in designing Hospital. I live in suburban neighborhood in North Dallas. I am getting side yard prepared for a bee hive :slight_smile: I have signed up for 2 classes and will attend the next months meeting locally. I have watched likely 10 hours of youtube videos on bee keeping and the pest and diseases to look out for. Man I love learning and so cool to do something for the world as well.


This morning when logging in to look at new messages/postings I saw a little slice of a birthday cake next to my name, after hovering over it it said today was my anniversary day so I decided to go back and grab my first message I posted in reply back to it :slight_smile:

Just over the last two years recalling everything I’ve learned. I find it sort of funny that this past weekend virtually my anniversary day, I re-queen two hives. First time I re-queen, every time I turn around it seems like I’m learning or experiencing something new. I wonder what is next :slight_smile: looking forward to it whatever it might be.

What maybe next is dramatically expanding my operation. I might be adding 14 hives to a friend’s piece of property real soon so they can get an agricultural exemption on their property. This is a dramatic step actually becoming responsible for something :slight_smile:

Thank you again to everyone out there that has helped me along the way I certainly could not have done any of this without you you’ve been there for me through the thick and thin and all hours of the day and night. You help me not fret over things as well as give me a different point of view which is dramatically helpful. Just a little sappy remembrance thank you again


Hey Marty! It’s my Cake Day too :cake::+1:

What a wonderful new adventure it’s been to become a beekeeper, made more so by being a part of this forum. I second your thanks to everyone for sharing knowledge, fun & support! :rainbow::sunglasses::honeybee::two_hearts: