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Hello from chilly Alberta!


Hey everyone,

I’m Rachel, and I live just south of Calgary with my family and a menagerie of animals. I am thoroughly enjoying owning goats, chickens and horses. We also have 3 dogs, 1 cat, a hamster and a fish :slight_smile:

In my work life, I’m an ER nurse, but I’m spending a lot of time recently teaching at a local college.

I’m passionate about skiing, reading, photography and nature in general. I’m looking forward to expanding my garden with bee-friendly plants this spring, and I am beyond excited to start beekeeping! Bees fascinate me, and all the learning I’ve done so far has made me very excited for this journey to begin!

I’m looking forward to connecting with other people using the flow frame hive in Alberta and in other areas where the winters get as cold as we do, to ensure that I’m properly caring for the bees during the crazy cold spells that we get!

Looking forward to “meeting” all of you!