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Hello from Durham North Carolina, USA

Hey All,
I am a a backyard beekeeper from Durham NC, USA
I am very hands off with my bees and was super excited to find a less intrusive way of tapping the hive for honey :smile:

Looking forward to the arrival of my new flow setup


Hi North Carolina neighbor in Durham,
I am a keeper in Clayton, NC.
Our Flow Hive 7 frame kit arrived TODAY!
Can’t wait to modify a brood box to hold our frames, get set up and see how it goes.

Hi, this is Jim from creedmore. I’ve ordered 2 complete flow hives supposed to get here in Feb. Currently in bee school. I’ll see how things go after I get the hives.

Hi BetsyK
I am beginner beekeeper in Kernersville, I have two hives going into the fall. Flow hive will arrive in Feb 2016. Let me know how your flow hive is doing.

Hi Jim,
I’m beginner beekeeper from Kernersville NC. Finished beekeeper school in March. I have two hives going strong. My flow hive arrives in February 2016. Let me know how it goes

Hi Tio,
We (my wife and me) are also new beekeepers–or should I say will be beekeepers. We are in bee-school right now and have ordered 2 flow-hives that are supposed to arrive in Feb. I also ordered one from bethinking. We are thinking we will get a nuc in spring and then have a few homes for them if they decide to swam later in the year. Next year, we just plan on trying to make sure they are healthy and happy. We are near to Creedmore (in between Wake Forest and Creedmore).

Good to hear from you Jim, Looks like we will get the flow-hives at the same time. I will be ordering a queen and a box of bees in November for the new flow hive. Let’s keep in touch. I think we have the same idea healthy and happy bees. Tio

Hi Jim
Did you get your flow hives? Mine is going strong . Currently, my hive is in Tennessee collecting some sour wood nectar. Let me know how you are doing with your hive.

Hi Everyone!

My family is new to NC (just north of Raleigh), and also to Beekeeping! I’ve been researching the Flow Hive and would love to hear how all of you are doing with the Flow? What are your thoughts…experienced beekeepers and beginners who started with the Flow?



Hi Jennifer,
I’ve had a flow hive for two years now. My experience has been positive. I have been able to harvest honey without the bees knowing it. No fuss no muss. I have a flow hive in Tennesse for sour wood honey. I harvested half a gallon in eight minutes. My problem has been being able to keep the bees. In my two flow hives, the bees have absconded. All the beekeepers in this area have reported the loss of bees. I am very pleased with the flow hive and would not use any other hive.

Hello everyone,

New backyard beeker here in Garner, NC (Raleigh, SE corner,). 2 Flow Hives set up awaiting pkg’s of bees end of March.

Would love to connect with someone in the area with Flow Hive(s) as well to exchange info/knowledge.

Greg Morris

Hello from Durham, NC. Would like to connect with people in the Durham area that have a flow hive. Thanks

Not sure I have seen a lot of posts from NC, but there are lots of friendly folks here, including many with a similar climate. Welcome, and feel free to ask lots of questions. :blush:

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Thanks! I have been reading the blog for a few years - thought I would see if anyone was from Durham - but like you say nothing much from NC.

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I am from New Jersey!