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General topics regarding bee keeping in North Carolina.


HI. We are new to NC and Beekeeping. Have you used the Flow Hive yet?


Hi Jennifer!

We have it and hope to use it this year. Welcome



We are in North Carolina. Just getting our first colony next Friday so I doubt I will be able to use my flow frames this year. But hopefully we will be able to watch the colony grow and store up for their winter.


We’re located on the coast and are hopeful to have honey this year! Where are you located?


We are just north of Greensboro. I am paying more attention to everything and realize there are not many bees around.


We are outside Raleigh NC, getting our bees this weekend! Very excited/nervous to get started. Planted lots of flowers this spring and am just starting to notice other honeybees taking interest, glad I can make someones bees happy.


Hi Craig. Where are you getting your bees from? We are driving to Hillsborough tomorrow to pick ours up and get the hive going.


Same here! Bailey Bee supply, we’ll be picking them up Saturday morning.


Exactly. You will have to post how it goes. I will do the same tomorrow when I get ours. The hive is ready and waiting for the colony.


@Craig_DeCicco how did your bee pick up go?


Great! Bees seem to be doing well! noticing some ants today on and around the hive, not thrilled with that so I’m looking at different options to prevent them. I assume you have the flow hive? Are you noticing the bees hanging around on the inside of the roof? We are using a miller top feeder to feed them now and I’m not sure th roof is fitting on it properly. Thoughts?

How did your install go?


I tagged you in my other posts about the install of the package. Also, we have the flow hive 6 frame, but until.we get our brood boxes full we won’t be using it. Might not be until next season…


I should say the flow super 6 frame box on a Brushy Mountain garden frame.


I answered on the other thread where you asked about this, but let me clarify a bit here. If you are using a Miller feeder, put it directly on top of the brood box. Then put the inner cover on top of that and close the hole in the middle of the cover with a tile or similar flat stone.

If you have problems with ants, Miller feeders can be very difficult. You might like to search for ant moat at the upper right of the screen to work out how to thwart them.


Hive is doing great! Queen is out and laying. 4 frames maybe half full with comb then other frames with partial comb. Lots of bees coming in with pollen sacs full. It’s going to be tough to not go check on them for a few weeks.

I used some diatomaceous earth around the base of the hive and the ants have abated.

How’s everything going with yours?


Hey Craig! The bees are doing awesome. They are going in and out like crazy with tons of pollen on their legs. Not drinking any sugar water even. I checked on them 3 days after they were installed to make sure EPI-PENNY was free which she was. I haven’t been in the hive since Monday when I checked on her to make sure she was free and there was already a bunch built up. I really wanted to get in and check on them but I am holding out for 10 days since I was last in and hope they will be ready for another brood box, but only if 80% Is built up based on some great coaching from this site. It is killing me not checking but I sit about 6 feet from the hive and drink a few beers and watch them to learn their patterns. I did have to save a few from the watering hole I made them, I have to add more sticks I guess. I will be going in the hive on Thursday and taking lots of pics and will make sure they are posted. Glad to hear everything is going great with your hive!


I am in eastern NC and hoping to start a hive this coming spring. Just wondering how you plan to winter with the flow hive. Are you going to leave the flow frames in place or remove them? Hope all went well for you this 1st season! Thanks


I am in Durham, NC. Interested see a Flow Heive. Can I visit you to see ?


can any one suggest ho i can visit a functional FLOW HEIVE?
I am in Durham, NC. Interested see a Flow Heive. Can I visit you to see ?