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Hello from Eindhoven, Netherlands


Hello everyone,

We are Femke and Ed, daughter and father starting our Bee adventure. During winter we attended a Bee course and prepared our hive and shed for the season. Next weekend we’ll get our first colony.

Are there any FlowHive user in the Netherlands? We would like to get in contact.

Femke & Ed


Welcome aboard n congrats Femke n Ed ! I know you must be very excited for having your bees n installing soon.

I love your set up. Your Flow-Hive is the Pine, correct ? It appears your going to add a floral design on the outside of your new hive, rifght ?

My Flow-hive arrived first of July 2016. It was too late for them to fill my Flow-super with honey but look forward to a possible successful season 2017. Here a shot of my bees today !

I live in the Pacific NW of Washington State SE of Seattle in the foothills n Spring is just now beginning here.

Wishing you both good luck n happy beekeeping.

Cheers n happy Beekeeping !


Welcome!! :slight_smile: And… Wow that looks so great!!! Post more updates about your Bee adventure!!!