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Hello from Metamora, IL


I am new to bee keeping this will be my second year if my bee’s survive the winter.


We are new to bee keeping this year too. Good luck and maybe we can exchange our trials and errors.


Me too … Kind of ! I am returning to beekeeping after a 55 year vacation away. So I would be a returning New Beek ! Excited n ready to rumble ! :honeybee::honeybee: out here in Western Washington,



I have to deep supers n each have right now. If the my Bee’s survive the winter I will be ready for flow tubes when they get here. I am converting two of my deep supers to accommodate the flow tubes. I tried to get not a beginners bee class that is being held tomorrow but they were already booked up.


Troy, don’t give up trying to a class but if no classes … Read, Read, Read ! And like me check out You-tube vids. Remember that each of these people had different experiences n live in many climates. That’s why I filter what I see n hear. Even classroom teachers have background n experiences. I hope your hives come out health. Good luck ! Gerald