Looking to purchase nuc in Gold Coast Aug or Sep 2020

Hi there, new to beekeeping, wondering if someone could sell me a nuc for my flowhive.(gold coast) Thanks.

Try the local Gold Coast bee group for a nuc for August/September when members will be making swarm prevention splits as a way to get a nuc for a reasonable price. Doing a Google search is another option. That time of year is a good time to start a hive. Now is the time to find a supplier as there is a demand for nucs and I have already closed off orders but I;m a couple of hours drive north of you and I’m sure you will find a nuc closer to you…
Cheers Jim.

Thanks Peter, do you think the Hybrid would be a good one to start? Is there any successful story to tell?

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The feature of a Flow Hive is that you can extract the honey with nothing extra needed to do the extraction. A hybrid hive is something that is a sort of compromise in my opinion. You will have frames that will need extracting either by shaving the comb down to the foundation then straining it or with an extractor.
If you haven’t yet ordered a hive from Flow you need to decide which one should suit you the best. I have Flow Hives, Langstroth’s and Poly hives at my apiaries but no Hybrid hives, I can’t see the point of them for me. If you want some honey in comb then I would opt for a second hive with conventional frames. A second hive is good to have if you need to donate from one hive to a weaker hive frames of brood.

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I can help you out if you like :slightly_smiling_face:.

i have both langstroth and a flow hybrid so i can fill you in on my experience if you want.

I just grafted some queens and expect them to take their mating flights on the 3rd of August or so then i will have them build up some nucs :slightly_smiling_face: im in oxenford too.


only benefit i would say is moving frames up from the brood to the super to cycle out dark comb without losing bees from that hive. thats all i can think of with my one which has come in handy. but then again im very much into my langstroth hives and the traditional extraction :slightly_smiling_face: plus i had a queen get into my super. im just glad it was on the flow super she got into. that would have been a nightmare