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Hello from Mid North Coast NSW, Australia

Hi Everyone,
Im a total novice to all things beekeeping. Ive ordered a Flow Hive and a nuc of bees which I’m expecting in the next couple of weeks.
At the moment I’m both excited and nervous to get the bees on site.
If you have any advice for me, I’d love to hear from you

I’ve had mine since April, so I’m no expert.
But I’d strongly recommend buying the Australian Beekeeping Manual. It’s a great resource.

I also find this calendar very helpful for Australia

Hi Nathan,
Many thanks for your reply. As it happens, Ive have just purchased The Australian Beekeeping Manual. I’ll have a look at the calendar you mentioned. Its always good to find resources that are particular to Australia. Ive found that, so far, a lot of the material available online etc is for and by American Beekeepers. Cheers Christina

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