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Hello from Picton, Australia


Hello !
My first post here. a few weeks ago I knew hardly anything at all about bees and bee keeping, I am learning so much from the Flow YouTube channel and building up my knowledge so I am ready for when I make my purchase of a hive :honeybee:
I am a keen veggie gardener and learning how bees help me grow better veggies and what i can plant for them to enjoy


Welcome Clare,
Yep read up, there is a lifetime of stuff to know but it’s all fun!
Depending on timing but you could buy now as you will have to put the hive together, paint it, wait for it to dry and fumes to dissipate and then procure some bees.



Hello ! Thank you so much for the warm welcome, yes I imagine you never stop learning
I teach crochet on Youtube as my full time job and I never stop learning new skills

Is there a recommended time to buy the hive and get new bees’s ?

I think I need to learn a lot more before I get a hive and bee’s, I would hate to get some and not know how to care for them



Hey Clare, no matter how much you think you know the first few weeks of having your first time you suddenly come to the shock and realization that you have a lot more to learn, but both you and your bees will survive the ordeal.
For Picton’s climate you could set up a hive till mid March knowing that you won’t get a honey harvest till the spring time. If you are right in Picton there is a lot of nectar and pollen foraging in the gardens there.
Welcome to the forum, lots of advise in the Q&A’s but there are lots here to give good advise.


Hello Peter
Thank you so much for your advice and yes I could imagine no matter how prepared you are you are constantly learning :slightly_smiling_face:
I do have a question and not sure if you could help
My husband and I plan to move house next year would you advise to wait till then to set up the hive?


I am not @Peter48, but I would strongly advise you wait, depending on how far you are moving. Moving bees is not easy, especially for a new beekeeper.


Thank you so much !
Yes I thought that may be the case. Yes we would be moving quite a way
That’s all good. Gives me more time to research and something else to look forward to in the next house :slightly_smiling_face:


You will have so much to do in moving that I would wait till you have settled in to your new house.
There are few things to do in making a successful move of a hive, none is ‘rocket science’ but a mistake through a lack of knowledge can mean you could loose the bees. So when you are ready to set up a hive ask the forum for tips that are for your new location. There is bee keeper around Thirlmere/Bargo area who could help in supplying a colony if you are staying in the area. Southern Highland Bees come to mind but I wouldn’t bat a lot on my memory.
Regards Claire and Bob.


Hello @Peter48 thank you so much for the info on the local bee keepers, good to know !
Yes I agree so much to do when moving, going to keep me busy haha