Hello from the middle of the woods!

New-bee here… sorry, I’ll see myself out :laughing:

I am so excited to be starting this journey! I have ALWAYS wanted to do this, I’ve always planted my gardens with the bees in mind but never took the plunge to be a beekeeper! My family bought a farm a few months ago, and I finally got my hive set up! Well… put together! The nuc is on the way next month from one of my local beekeepers.

I have the Flow Hive Hybrid- what sorts of setups do ya’ll have? Looking for advice on everything from bases to super setup/ organization of the frames!

I’ve already seen so many helpful things in other posts, looking forward to the rest of the journey!



As for your question… Everything. Well, not me but amongst the people on this forum there’s a range of hive sizes and configurations. My own setup is a single brood chamber and then, depending on the season timing, a hybrid or full flow super or both and a few seasons ago also a half deep.

One suggestion I will make is ensure you interpret any advice you receive or read. Everyone’s local environment is different and it makes a difference. Even a few km/mi can make a subtle difference.

One bit of advice you should adhere to regardless of where you are… Always ensure the flow frames are above an excluder.

Happy times ahead. :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to the Flow forum!

If you have specific questions at certain times, please just ask and we will do our best to help. :wink:

If you are just overwhelmed by how much there is to know, you may find it helpful to take a look at Flow’s educational web site. It has both videos and written articles and you can even do some self-assessment if you want to. It is free for the first month, then $15 per month after that. The lessons are all prepared by well-known and respected beekeepers, and many are oriented around the Flow hive. Here is the site:



Love love love your enthusiasm. Its a great thing to be part of.

My advise. Understand bees die so don’t take it too personal and use opinions as observations.

We give them a house. The bees are in charge not us.

Its the most fun and enjoyable thing you can do and fun for all the family and friends.

The bees will thank you for your kindness and care with honey and the odd sting :rofl: to remind you whos incharge.

Post pics or vids of your journey.

This is the most friendliest social media group you’ll use :blush: